3D printing is a fantastic way to get prototype production parts.

This is a perfect way to get accurate reproductions of your CAD data. We can test and prove your design, showing up any changes that need to be made before you go into production. At Lewis Design Associates Ltd we build high quality models and prototypes. We have been doing this since day one, way back in 1987.

Services to you

We will design your 3D parts and assemblies accurately, creating them in a virtual CAD world, and providing the data required to produce accurate 3D printed parts. The design will be 100% accurate, so what we model in CAD is what you get in 3D prints. We make sure your design works when all the physical parts are put together.

Accurate prototyping

3D printing is a natural progression from 3D CAD. It is the best and most effective way of proving early stage design data. We printing the design accurately as physical parts and assemble them into whatever configuration you need. This is a part of our service. Building prototypes, we can use a mix of both traditionally built parts and 3D prints. Realistic prototypes are essential for testing and product evaluation.

We make 3D prints in a wide variety of materials, to have similar characteristics and properties to the final production parts. This is a huge benefit to test the functionality and strength of products and assemblies.

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